CROSS H: an app for smartphones and tablets.

You sometimes travel. With Cross H, you will describe your sickness symptoms thanks to drawings. And you will also understand the treatment the physician wants to give you, for a faster recovery.

Do you know Murphy’s law?

If you think you won’t need Cross H, you probably will.

Download the application before you need it!


You want to dialog but you face language barriers.

Build up your story by selecting drawings about

Your sickness symptoms
Your situation
The context you live in
The next treatment actions

The book

You want to make accurate diagnosis during your practices.

You want to recover faster from your sickness.

Make good use of the book’s 56 pages and 7 sections.

Express yourself and be understood!

Drawings bank

Find the drawings you need in our database. 

Make extensive use of it. Copy them as much as you need. Use then in talks, presentations, school booklets, etc.

And provide us with your feedback if you feel the mood to do so.


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