The F List… The friends’ list.

Many of us are working on the development of tools made of drawings to help you to improve your communication.

Each of us is working in isolation, developing our own “proprietary” drawing sets. Most of us have between 2 and 3,000 drawings, icons, pictograms in our databases, but none of us yet is crossing the pound to share our experiences. We believe we would be better off to share the knowledge we have built over and collaborate towards a large integration of our products. Let’s share our own kingdoms’ gold nuggets to build a world were people can communicate more easily, anywhere. Share the F List and share with us your knowledge. We will make it available to all.

We all have our own theories about what works and not for our targeted users. Our drawings styles depend a lot on their needs. We could understand better who needs what style to provide our users with better quality products. Let’s connect and move on together for the sake of good.

We are updating below list as soon as we are aware of a new friend. If you want to be notified of new comers in the list, click here to be included in our mailing list.

The F list
Name Type Focus Info
1 Beta Drawings Language translation into drawings Software
2 Blissymbolics Symbols severe speech and physical impairments 5000+ graphic symbols
3 Books Beyond Words Drawing Disabled people / feelings 36 books
4 Change People Drawing Disabled people 6.000+ drawings
5 Crossics Drawing Dialog patient-doctor App / book / flipbooks
6 drawMD Drawing Anamnesis explanation 15 apps for physicians
7 EveryoneCommunicates All methods Everyone who want to improve communication Pictures/Signs/Captioning/etc.
8 Icoon Icon Generic for travel 2.000+ drawings
9 Iheed Animation Medical education Videos
10 ImageNet Pictures Links all nouns from WordNet with Pictures Pictures database
11 LabelMe Pictures Picture annotation tool Computer Vision research
12 Minspeak Icons individuals with cerebral palsy and motor speech disorders Software
13 NNDR Papers Network of disability researchers Research
14 Palliacom Icon and text Assisted production of texts Software
15 PCS Drawings Broad range of users 4500+ drawings
16 PECS Drawings Teaching children Set of Cards
17 Pictogram Icon Generic 2000 pictograms
18 Pictomedia Drawing People with learning difficulties 2.000+ drawings
19 Sclera Symbols Facilitates communication A lot of drawings!
20 TalkingMats Drawings Improves communication Software and set of cards
21 Text2Picto Drawings Translates EN / SP / NL text into drawings KU Leuven
22 The Elephant Memory Language structure multi purpose Open language source
23 The Noon Project icon Generic / multi purpose A lot of drawings!
24 VisiTaal Pictogram Generic / multi purpose App / books / software
25 Widgit Symbols For people who find reading text difficult A lot of drawings!
26 Zanzu Texts / voice / drawings Sexual health education tool Very intuitive / in 12 languages!

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